Living in Halls

The Student Halls UniLife channel is where you can find information about living in halls. It’s particularly relevant to you if you are already living in halls, or if you have already signed your contract and are about to move in.

Halls Welcome and Induction

Welcome to the Halls of Residence, To help with settling in, Halls Induction meetings will be held between Sunday – Tuesday. Please take a minute to see when your induction meeting is being held. Please note, these induction meetings are compulsory.

As a condition of your tenancy agreement you are required to attend your compulsory Halls induction meeting. This meeting will allow us to take the earliest opportunity to welcome you to your Hall and make sure you are provided with invaluable information concerning all aspects of living in University accommodation including the regulations and conditions of occupancy.

Join the Facebook Group

Welcome to the University of South Wales’s Halls of Residences. To meet the community please feel free to join one of the facebook groups for your community.