Facilities and provisions in Glamorgan Court & Mountain Halls

Mail and parcels

Your mail, small packages and parcels will generally be delivered to the Accommodation Lodge. You can collect these during the mail room opening hours, on presentation of a student ID card.

Some items may have to be collected from the main mail room near the Main Reception (close to the Students’ Union building) – eg items that are too large or bulky, and some items that have to be signed for.

Bike sheds

There are bikes sheds located outside V Block and one outside A Block in Glamorgan Court and outside each of the Mountain Halls

Refuse and recycling

Each kitchen has a refuse bin. As residents, it is your responsibility to ensure that bin is emptied regularly.

There are four areas where industrial sized container bins can be found:

  • Outside A Block
  • Outside M Block
  • Opposite N Block
  • Outside V Block
  • Outside each of the Mountain Halls

Residents can obtain bin bags and recycling bags from the Accommodation Lodge free of charge. The refuse bags can be disposed of in the industrial bins mentioned above. Recycling bags should not be thrown into those bins, but places next to them for separate collection.

Please note that large refuse bags should only be placed into the areas listed above. They should not be disposed of in or next to small convenience bins that can be found on campus – these are for small items only, e.g. individual items of packaging.


There are coin operated launderette at the back of the Accommodation Lodge and at the rear of the Hub.

Current charges are:

  • £2 for a regular wash,
  • £2.20 for a Super Cycle wash,
  • £1 for tumble drying.

The launderette is open from 8am to 10pm, every day.

The launderette is for the use of halls residents only. Please stay there while washing or drying your clothes, or, if you decide to leave your belongings, ensure you return promptly before your wash is due to finish. The University does not accept any liability for your belongings – and other students might need to use the machines, too.

You can use an on-line portal to check availability of washing machines and dryers. The portal is accessible from this link.


As halls resident, you are responsible for buying your own consumables and cleaning products. However, there are some items which Accommodation Services provide free of charge. These include:

  • Black refuse bags – for general waste
  • Clear recycling bags – for students wishing to recycle
  • Vaccum cleaner bags – to fit into the models provided in your flat

Furthermore, there are some items which are replaced for free as part of routine maintenance when wear and tear occurs. For example, if a light bulb fails, you can file a maintenance request, and it will be replaced for you free of charge.

Maintenance should be reported immediately to the Accommodation Lodge and entered into the Maintenance Requests book