Halls Inductions

Life in halls is different from life in a family home, or life in a student flat share in the private sector. To make sure that you know all you need to have an enjoyable and safe time in Halls, we’ve prepared an induction programme.

Please note that it is compulsory for halls residents to attend these inductions as the induction includes essential safety information.

Step 1: Moving in

In your room, you will find a letter about Halls Inductions, and other halls literature. In Glamorgan Court / Mountain Halls, this includes a Welcome Letter from Accommodation Services.

In the kitchen of your flat, posters will also tell you about upcoming meetings.

Step 2: Compulsory Halls Induction Meeting

Your Induction Meeting – Treforest Halls

As a condition of your tenancy agreement you are required to attend your compulsory Halls induction meeting. This meeting will allow us to take the earliest opportunity to welcome you to your Hall and make sure you are provided with invaluable information concerning all aspects of living in University accommodation including the regulations and conditions of occupancy.

The time and venue of your induction meetings are as follow:

Glamorgan Court
Houses K-V inclusive
Monday 17th September
Induction Meeting 5.15pm

Houses A-J inclusive and Forest Grove
Monday 17th September
Induction Meeting 6.00pm

Mountain Halls

Snowdon, Pen Y Fan & Sugarloaf
Tuesday 18th September
Induction Meeting 5.15pm

Garth & Caerphilly Flats & Studios and late arrivals from other areas
Tuesday 18th September
Induction Meeting 6.00pm

Halls Inductions will take place at the Brecon Building, room B1

Your Induction Meeting – Cardiff Halls

For those of you living in the Cardiff Halls your compulsory halls induction meeting will be held at:

ATRiuM Theatre, Room CB4

Liberty Bridge – Sunday 16th September 3.00 – 3.45pm
Liberty Bridge – Sunday 16th September 3.50 – 4.35pm

Your Induction Meeting – Newport Halls

For those of you living in Newport Halls of Residence, your compulsory halls induction meeting will be held at:

Place and Location to be confirmed


The Halls Induction Meeting is also your opportunity to ask any questions you may have. The meeting is organised by the Campus Life Coordinators, but members of staff from Accommodation Services and other University departments and outside agencies will also be there to answer questions. There are some short presentations about health, safety and security in halls.

Vaccinations Information

Please make sure your vaccinations are up to date before you arrive. For further information about Meningitis please Click Here

Late starters

If you arrive after the main enrolment period, you can find some of the information from the inductions as downloadable presentation slides on this page. However, these do not include any questions asked and answered during the meetings. The Campus Life Coordinators will also organise an induction meeting for students starting courses in January and February, depending on demand and student numbers.