Next year's accommodation

November 28, 2012

Do you enjoy living in university halls? Would you be keen to stay in halls for the second year of your studies?

We are looking to offer you the opportunity to return to halls for your second year at a reduced fee in exchange for support at our open and applicant days next year. We are seeking to recruit approximately 24 students to take part in this initiative and successful applicants will be guaranteed a place in halls. *

What’s in it for you?

£10 per week off your rent (saving you a total of £400 over the year)

Potential to become a student ambassador for the university which will offer paid work during the open and applicant days.**

The chance to live with other returning students.

No hassle in having to look for and secure accommodation for your second year.

What we would expect:

Access to your rooms for accommodation tours on open and applicant days.

Rooms/kitchens to be clean and tidy for open and applicant days.

Throughout next year we have approximately one open day and twelve applicant days. Most of the applicant days are held Monday to Friday during office hours and two are on a Saturday. The one open day would be run on a Saturday and this is in October.

If you are interested in this initiative and would like to put your name forward to be considered please email no later than December 18th. If you would simply like to find out a bit more about the initiative, please feel free to contact me by email.

Kind regards,
Nick Hennessy

*Subject to sufficient responses. **Subject to our student ambassador selection process.

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