Resident Tutors Service Statement of Service

The Resident Tutors Service is here to help resident students with any issue related to their living in the Halls of Residence to get the most out of their studies and university life. We aim to deliver a quality Welfare and Disciplinary Service to resident students through the adoption of various good practices and policies such as:

  • The Introduction of the Hall Couriers and their valuable contribution to the “First Experience Project”. Newly arrived students are welcomed, shown around their home and assisted with settling in their new environment.
  • Development and adoption of protocols and procedures to effectively deal with delicate and problematic situations such as:
    • Mental Ill Health
    • Antisocial behaviour
    • Lone Working
    • Meningitis
    • Confidentiality
    • Halls Disciplinary and appeal procedures
    • Halls regulations and conditions of occupancy
  • Protecting the well being of residents from ill-behaved individuals through the implementation of Hall and University Regulations
  • Setting aside and publicising kitchen visits for students’ consultation.
  • Ability to respond instantaneously to pressing matters and in cases of emergencies.
  • Assisting residents to integrate into their new environment and encourage positive community spirit through the organisation of a programme of events (such as Induction Meetings, Halls Newsletter and others); also encouraging feedback from residents to establish a sense of ownership to the Halls Community
  • Maintaining consistency when dealing with disciplinary and accommodation related problems.
  • Monitoring of services and accommodation standards.
  • Transfer of skills to other member of staff involved in running Halls (Hall Managers and Accommodation Officers) to ensure a consistent high quality customer service.
  • Identifying training needs for the Resident Tutors to ensure a higher quality standard of service and customer care.