Resident Tutors

Our team of resident and welfare tutors look after over 1,600 students based in halls of residence on our Treforest Campus and in the private sector halls in Cardiff. The Resident Tutors on the Treforest Campus are responsible for the welfare and discipline of resident students, whereas the Welfare Tutors based in Cardiff are responsible for the pastoral care of resident students. All of our residential tutors are either postgraduate students or full-time University staff working within the Student Services department and act as a first point of contact for any issues you may face whilst living in halls.

Resident Tutors – Contact us

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You can contact the Resident Tutors in a number of ways.

Contact the duty staff in the Accommodation Lodge or the reception of your hall if you live in Cardiff, and they will contact the appropriate person.

Messages can be left for Resident Tutors in the office. Alternatively, please e-mail us with your query.

Email the Resident & Welfare Tutors Service

In person:
Regular visits are held for residents. If you require a meeting with a residential tutor please e-mail us to arrange a convenient time.

Current Resident Tutors

Our current Resident Tutors are listed below. If you need to contact a resident tutor please see the contact details at the bottom of this page.

Resident Tutors in Trefforest

Welfare Tutors in Cardiff

Resident Tutors department overview

All of our halls of residence on our main Treforest campus have a residential tutor attached to them. Resident Tutors are there not only to look after the welfare and discipline of students, but they also aim to make the experience of living in Halls as enjoyable and rewarding as possible. A Resident Tutor is available 24 hours a day so you are always able to contact them if needed.

Our tutors are equipped to deal with everything from homesickness to day to day issues of living in halls of residence. However their main areas of responsibility can be categorised into four areas.


The welfare of the student is the primary concern for our Resident Tutors, but they are not there to take on the role of parents. They will offer a sympathetic ear and/or provide you with advice and information. You can see them as a first point of contact for any issues you may have.


For the majority of the time your experience in halls will be a pleasant one. However, unfortunately there are occasions when disciplinary action will need to be taken against some students due to their behaviour. Halls of residence are governed by a set of rules issued by the University. It is down to the Resident Tutors to enforce these rules and take appropriate disciplinary action if required.


Leaving friends and family can be one of the most daunting prospects of coming to University. As such, our Resident Tutors are keen to encourage you to socialise with others both in and out of your halls to encourage the growth of new friendships. Working in partnership with the Halls Committee various events are organised throughout the academic year in order to aid this process.


As part of the Student Services department, the Resident Tutors liaise with a range of internal departments in order to ensure students’ needs are being met. Additionally, Resident Tutors are also called on to liaise with academic departments if students are repeatedly absent from lectures.

Resident Tutor Visits

We understand that when living in halls you may have concerns about a variety of things. That is why the Resident Tutors are available on a weekly basis to discuss any problems or issues that you may have.

Whist your attendance is not compulsory, theses visits are an excellent opportunity to discuss matters that are of concern to you about halls life. Whilst it will be difficult to resolve all issues / problems within the weekly time slots, it will, however, be sufficient to outline any issues / problems and enable your Resident Tutor to follow them up.

Statement of Service

The Resident and Welfare Tutors Service is part of other services delivered by the Student Services Department and operates within the confidentiality framework for the Department. You can find out more about Student Services (including our Confidentiality Code) on UniLife.

For further information, you can also see the Full version of Statement of Service for the Resident Tutors Service.

Furthermore, you can view the detailed roles and responsibilities of Resident and Welfare Tutors, and find out more about how to apply.